Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I'm pooped.
Tuckered out.
Mentally exhausted.
Flat out of initiative to try new things.
Saturated with adventure.

I have never been so glad to see winter coming.
Being a beginning farmer, even on a small scale, is taxing.

I will also add that I have never been more impressed with farmers or more grateful for food.  These people work hard and smart and unrelentingly.  Impressive.
When Tim brought home my fall CSA share from La Finca Farm, I cheered.  It was like a reunion with old friends I hadn't seen for a long time- potatoes, squash, arugula, leeks.  And I didn't have to do a single thing but cook and eat them.  Man, what a deal!

Anjali introduced me to Dirty Jobs on Netflix and I've been watching episode after episode, laughing as he's covered in poo or slime or grease.  I keep saying, "I'm glad that's not my job!" while his adventures and misadventures in trying new dirty jobs every week help me to get perspective on my own.  When people normalize their jobs removing slime from eels or harvesting alligator eggs while Mama Gator lurks nearby or blowing up walls of salt hundreds of feet underground he makes this 'yeah, right' eye roll which suits me exactly when I'm doing one more crazy thing I never imagined doing which somehow has become my life.  Yesterday it was chasing a duck (chasing, not catching) with a neighbor so that between us we could figure out how to trim the feathers so it couldn't fly. 

It's been a long journey from Minneapolis to completing our first year here. Some laughing, some good food, some time with old friends, some quiet snow days, and I'll be ready for more adventure.  
 I'm so very glad this is my life and my job.

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